Trust Guidelines

Objects/Guidelines Of The Trust

The main trust is of activities and objectives of the Trust shall be higher and further technical education organize and take-up health Facilities in, pollution prevention, women empowerment programs, self-employment in the agriculture sector, Social awareness, child welfare For human development in rural areas and all the basic needs of a person to lead a normal life at costs affordable to the general public without any profit-making motive or to have any other form of gain by so doing.

Without affecting the generality of the above-mentioned objectives, the specific objectives to be achieved and activities to be undertaken are:-

  1. To provide education to underprivileged children along with basic stationery, clothes, Footwear, eatables, education, and much more.
  2. To provide health education to adults and adolescents of both sex people through propagation the importance of health Food, goshala activities exercise & Yoga.
  3. To provide basic medical facilities, sanitation, general health care, and other needful support which can be helpful for the public to overcome the sufferings and agony of any natural and manmade disaster and to Facilitate them to rehabilitate in rural areas.
  4. To provide counseling to develop a better understanding and their individual growth as well as transforming them for their positive contribution to the society.
  5. To provide the relief of financial need and suffering among victims of natural or other kinds of disaster in the form of money for persons, bodies, organizations and also educate them to know the prevention activities.
  6. To provide relief and assistance of people in any part of the country who are the victims of war or act of natural disaster, man-made disaster, trouble, or catastrophe in particular by the supply of medical aid to such persons.
  7. To plant, grow, cultivate, produce, and raise plantations of various forest species of proven utility and other agricultural, plantation horizontal crops, medicinal and aromatic plants and to buy, sell, export, import, process, distribute, or otherwise deal with all kinds of forest crops, natural products agricultural, plantation and horticultural crops, medicinal and aromatic plants and alternative nature/ Eco-Farming.
  8. To facilitate an equitable share for Minority Communities in education, employment, economic activities, and to ensure the upliftment.
  9. To establish Nursery, Primary, High School. Higher Secondary School Colleges and similar educational institutions like hotel management and catering technology institutes, fashion Designing, Food Processing, polytechnics, engineering colleges, Teacher Training institutes, nursing schools, medical colleges, etc. And to maintain book banks, entrance examination, coaching Centers, reference rooms, study classes, hotels, and vocational Training For the benefit of the public.
  10. To improve the socio-economic conditions of the minority communities and to provide financial assistance to the poor and meritorious students belonging to minority communities to enable them to pursue professional and technical courses.
  11. To make people aware of corruption and mobilize them to fight against the culture of corruption to build a powerful and leading nation.
  12. To work for women empowerment, basic education to women, safety for women, and standing up for women’s rights are being practiced by a full throttle.
  13. To undertake the propagation of literacy through adult & non-formal education Programmers and projects for the purpose of achieving 100% literacy.
  14. To spread awareness among the people by way of advocacy, organizing camps, seminars, conferences, programs, etc for the attainment of objectives of the trust.
  15. To reduce child labor, crime prevention against women through improving in education, providing training and all other means which lead reduction in child labor.
  16. To initiate people to value the importance of nature and alternative nature/Eco-Farming, farming and which will lead to sustainable development, and launch programs for plantation.
  17. To organize and take up pollution control, garbage management, Hazardous and Solid Waste Management, Environmental Planning, Green environment, Ozone layer Depletion, and Disaster Management for Society.
  18. To organize and take up various activities covering environment issues related to industries, protected areas, biodiversity, urban agglomeration, environmental awareness, human resource development, renewable energy, Energy conservation, Bio-medical waste, Solid waste management, water, noise and air pollution control, and environmental research for society.
  19. To make efforts for the education, welfare, and development of women, children, below the poverty line, and backward communities in both rural and urban areas throughout the country.
  20. Empowerment to the people of their rights, duties in a democratic set up of the society and to live with harmony and for the betterment of the society.
  21. To provide all facilities like education, health shelter, food, clothes, etc. to all needy persons in rural areas and to do all types of social activities for the development of the Human being.
  22. To provide transportation, libraries, laboratories, reading rooms, hostels, and other necessary facilities to the students connected with the activities of the above indicated higher and further technical educational and vocational training institutions.
  23. To engage, employ or hire appropriate staff, workers, legal experts, and other professionals, managers, and agents for the work and furtherance of the aims and objects of the trust and to pay their wages, salaries, stipends, or fees.
  24. To carry on academic and vocational education and training and also to carry on research in the field of technical & scientific knowledge without any motive to make any profit.
  25. Advancement of education including the establishment, endowment, maintenance of educational institutions for the literacy of general masses of the people living below the poverty line but not for profit. To give scholarships, prizes, and monetary assistance to the poor students to help them in their studies.
  26. To integrate the development of rural areas, rural communities, and rural industrial centers, agriculture, handicraft including programs by providing education & organizing different type of programs.
  27. To spread awareness amongst people about their democratic & Fundamental rights and to provide and facilitate legal assistance to the underprivileged and poor sections of society to fight for their rights and justice.
  28. To set up/run camps all around the country for spreading awareness among people about diseases like Neurological diseases, Cancer/HIV-Aids, tuberculosis, and other critical disease, etc.
  29. To help the schedule, Backward Cast, below the poverty line and other tribal’s cast people by way of providing general and technical education, medical aids, etc. and it includes all its related activities.
  30. To undertake development programs of ponds deepening, Construction check dams, rainwater harvesting, and watershed projects to improve Ground Water level and enrich water sources.
  31. To put the persons who violate human rights into legal action and try to get a severe punishment for them.
  32. To do projects for promoting social and economic welfare/uplift of the public in any rural and urban areas throughout the country.
  33. To conduct meetings, propaganda, and conferences lawfully without any violence to get the rights of people.
  34. To help the family of convicted persons as well as previous convicts who are out of the bar to make them as peace-loving of the society and to live peacefully.
  35. To make arrangement of all kind of work for the planning of the government in regard to minors labors to Frame rules and regulation in the state.
  36. To educate by spreading awareness among the general public regarding adverse effects of smoking Cigarette and Bidi, Drinking alcohol, etc. by organizing camps, programs. And also organize the lectures by an expert team of doctors, journalists and other learned persons on this issue.
  37. To explore ways for promotion of socio-economic development in the community.
  38. To work for the welfare of socially neglected people and to protest and fight against the injustice against people.
  39. To organize camps, training programs, competitions, Seminars, Conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, tours, Tournaments, games, run, etc., in order to develop creativity, Personality, and scientific outlook among youths.
  40. To organize the relief measures in those parts of the country which become affected due to natural calamities like Famine, Fire, Flood, pestilence, Tsunami earthquakes or other act of nature, manmade disaster and also educate them to know the prevention activities, etc.
  41. To do cow welfare, providing shelter for needy cows, Feeding and medicine services for cows, hospital,s and ambulance facility.
  42. To promote welfare programmers for women, children, orphans, aged, blind and handicapped persons, etc.
  43. To establish and run libraries, educational institutions, and old age homes for senior citizens and to provide nutritious food, clothing to the inmates of the old age home.
  44. To provide respite to persons caring for aged, ill or disabled persons by providing temporary care to aged, ill or disabled persons and by providing such services as housekeeping, meal preparation, nursing, and other assistance.
  45. To systematically educate all people in the practice of cow protection in order to check the imbalance of values in life and to achieve real unity and peace in the world.
  46. To establish and manage networking of voluntary and non-government organizations.
  47. To raise funds, accept gifts, donations, subscriptions in cash or in-kind, and any property either movable or immovable for the achievement of the objective of the society.
  48. To initiate awards for the deserving people in the field of Music, Art, Sports at grass root level social service, communal harmony, brotherhood, and peace.
  49. To aware people of their democratic & Fundamental rights and to provide and facilitate legal assistance to the underprivileged and poor sections of society to fight for their rights and justice.
  50. To give support, aid to work for the uplifting of the state of women, children & youth group by providing them education training assisting them in starting their own vocation and to such other things in this direction as may appear necessary for the betterment of women at large.
  51. To purchase/acquire or take a grant or donation, land and/or building(s) in the name of the Trust and make construction thereupon for the purpose of its stated objectives.
  52. All the activities of the Trust shall be non-profitable and shall be done on a “no profit- no loss” basis.